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Applying for a Hong Kong ID Card

Anyone living here must have a Hong Kong ID Card. More specifically, anyone entitled to legally stay in the territory for more than 180 days is obliged to carry one at all times. This includes expatriates and their family and any children aged 11 years or more. You must apply within 30 days of your arrival.

Obtaining one is straightforward, assuming you have the relevant documents and permissions (employment, student, dependent, investment). You can make an appointment by calling immigration on (852) 2598 0888, book through the immigration website, or just turn up at one of the 'Registration of Persons' offices. However, if you don't have an appointment, you are advised to arrive as early as possible, or you risk not being seen if their daily quota has already been reached.

In most cases, you just need your passport and visa. There is no charge unless you are replacing a lost or damaged card. You will be photographed and fingerprinted (no need to bring your own pictures) and the process should take no more than an hour. Upon application, you will be issued with a receipt, which will act as your temporary card. This receipt will have a date for you to return to collect the real ID card and you must turn up on this date.

The card will remain valid for as long as you are resident in Hong Kong. The law requires you to carry the card at all times. If you leave Hong Kong for more than three months, you must notify the Registration of Persons Department, who may require you to surrender your card.

If you have any specific questions, you can use our forum. Appointments can be made at the Hong Kong Immigration website: www.immd.gov.hk